Helmet Cam: Florian Kortüm, DH Bikepark Winterberg

Florian Kortüm, Downhill Bikepark Winterberg a MTB video by MetalMotionBikes

Helmet Cam: Nils, Freeride Bikepark Winterberg

Bikepark Winterberg, Freeride a MTB video by nwphotography

roots & stones

Mädels Power: Endurofahren mit Teamfahrerin Lexi im Bikepark La Bresse in den frz. Vogesen A Film by NWPhotography.

roots & stones - Bikepark La Bresse, Piste du Barrage a MTB video by nwphotography

 Introduction of a Bicycle Shop

Lernt uns und den Laden kennen….

A Day In The Life Of A Bikeshop Professional

 This video is about a typical day in the life of our professional mechanics from our BIKESHOP. It pretty much sums up our mentality and bike shop ambiance. We wanted to showcase the BEAUTY of our neighborhood and the stunning TRAILS. In the video we focus on cinematographic art, fresh music, the german bike shop lifestyle and good riding. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour since we think that MOUNTAIN BIKING and all other two wheeled disciplines are simply RAD.

Cheers Metal Motion Bikes!

A Day In The Life Of A Bikeshop Professional a Mountain Bike video by MetalMotionBikes


Line Choices


1 Trail -2 Riders -1000 Lines

Every trail offers thousands of lines. Among all these lines every rider makes his line choice. “Lines Choices” follows Chris and Nils from Team Metal Motion Bikes on an enduro ride and shows how each of them rides the same trail, giving the possibility to take a closer look at their personal line choices.

Line Choices is a film by NWPhotography and the TRAILVOLUTION Crew, brought to you by Metal Motion Bikes.

Line Choices a Mountain Bike video by nwphotography

[fairytrails] – the TRAILVOLUTION documentaries Tale°1: Summer Trails

Wenn wir Trails fahren, sehen wir viele schöne, interessante und auch überraschende Dinge. Aber habt Ihr euch jemals Gedanken darüber gemacht, was Ihr nicht seht, wenn Ihr Trails fahrt? Genau das zeigt Euch die neuste Collaboration von Metal Motion Bikes, der TRAILVOLUTION Crew und NWPhotography an und genießt Trailriding aus einer völlig neuen Perspektive: Aus den Augen eures Hinterrads.

fairytrails - the Trailvolution documentaries Tale °1: Summer Trails on Pinkbike

Fairytrails - Tale °1: Summer Trails a Mountain Biking video by nwphotography

TRAILVOLUTION – a trailriding movie

More Mountain Biking Videos

TRAILVOLUTION - official trailer on